What Are the Benefits of Gay Adoption?

By Julie Ackendorf
Gay families have a lot of love to offer and adopted child
Gay families have a lot of love to offer and adopted child

Thousands of children who are in foster care around the U.S. are desperately waiting for a family to open its heart and bring them into their home. When faced with the number of children praying someone out there would want to be their parent, it is difficult to understand why the topic of gay adoption is controversial. Allowing children to be adopted by lesbian and gay couples offers many benefits to the children.

Sexual Orientation Does Not Influence Parenting Ability

A person's ability to be a good parent does not depend on whether he is attracted to and loves someone of the same sex. Many heterosexual couples are raising children in abusive homes and forcing children to live in horrible conditions. It is no more rational to say those parents are good parents because they are heterosexual than it is to say two men or two women raising a child together are bad parents because they are gay. The American Academy of Pediatrics confirms children raised by gay and lesbian parents experience no disadvantages when it comes to psychosocial growth. A well-adjusted, emotionally stable child is not the product of bad parenting.

Gay Couples Want to Have a Family

A child adopted by a gay or lesbian couple is a child that is wanted. A homosexual couple needs to find non-traditional means to start a family. They want to be parents and they want their family to become complete by including a child to love. They want a little person in their lives they are able to nurture and spoil. A child adopted by a gay couple will know that his moms or his dads love him so much they worked very hard to ensure he became their son.

Gay Parents are Empathetic and Supportive

Each member of a gay couple has had to face difficulties in her life. Perhaps her friends and family were less than supportive when she announced she was a lesbian. Maybe she faced discrimination at school or work. Gay parents know first-hand what it is like to go through life's bumps, and they will be able to appreciate when their child has his own problems. A gay or lesbian couple also will be more open minded when it comes to accepting their child's lifestyle choices, and will teach their child to be accepting of everyone in this world regardless of differences.

Two Parents are Better Than One ... Or None

Gay and lesbian couples offer a child the benefit of having two loving, invested parents. Children adopted by gay parents often have the advantage of being brought into a safe, stable and supportive home. According to Lifelong Adoptions, a licensed adoption facilitator in California, studies have shown the lesbian couples who have children via artificial insemination end up raising well-balanced, well-adjusted kids. It is safe to assume that children adopted by gay and lesbian couples would show the same results. Family is family, no matter if a child has a mom and dad, two moms, or two dads. Two parents is better than one, and is certainly better than no parents at all. Children without parents deserve the opportunity to be raised by a gay or lesbian couple just as much as gay couple deserve to become parents.

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