How to Be a Good Father

By braniac

Fathers are a very important part of their children's lives, or at least, they should be. There's just something about dads that even when they walk in a room, just their presence demands respect. Because of this fact, it is very important for fathers to be the respectable father figure that their children believe them to be. There are a some things that fathers can do to be the good and respectable father that they desire to be.

If you are married, let your children witness that you sincerely love and respect their mother: your wife. This teaches your children that love should be in a home. It also prepares them to be a loving and affectionate mate in their future relationships.

Be a good leader in your home by taking responsibility for your family and household.

Make the effort to set aside quality time with your children every week to spend time and talk with them so that you can learn from and about each other.

Be a parent not a buddy/friend to your children. Of course, you are a friend to them, but ultimately you are their parent. Children need moral and ethical guidance and instruction from their parents. They don't need to figure it out alone. This results in disaster.

Allow your sons' to cry when it's reasonable. This teaches them to be a caring and affectionate human being and to show their feelings. You do not want your son to grow up and be a man who does not have the capacity to show emotion. Allowing your sons' to cry helps them to be healthy and whole males who are emotionally stable.

Teach your sons to respect girls because one day he may have daughters himself.

Teach your children that although you are teaching them to be trustworthy people, not everyone is trustworthy.

Be a positive and moral role model and example that your children can look up to, appreciate and honor.

Listen to your children, but listen effectively so that you will be able to give quality advice and help them in negative circumstances.

Encourage your children when they are doing well. Often as parents, we see the negative; therefore, we must also make sure to praise them when they do well.

Teach your children to have manners and to be respectful citizens and to treat people as they desire to be treated and respected daily.

Teach your children to be caring and to be helpers of others.

Teach your children not to be arrogant but confident in life in order to accomplish their goals.

Teach your children to be an honest person and to walk in integrity in their daily lives, because what goes around comes around. We reap what we sow. Therefore, it's important to practice to sow good seeds and deeds.

If you are a person who believes in God, certainly teach your children the fear of the Lord, the word of God and to obey God.

Teach your children to respect their elders. When they get older, they will certainly expect children to honor and respect them as their elder.