My Baby Won't Burp

By Dotty Ilean
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Babies are gassy because they swallow air while they drink milk. Babies should be burped after every 2 to 3 ounces of milk they drink, according to KidsHealth. Babies may also need to be burped if they are colicky, fussy during feeding time or if they awaken for no other obvious reason, such as a wet diaper. A proper burping position is necessary to burp your baby.

Arrange a towel or blanket underneath your baby's chin. Sometimes babies spit up while being burped. A towel will keep the baby and his clothes clean.

Place your baby into the correct burping position. Sit the baby upright on your leg. Use one hand to support the baby's head. Lean the baby forward, so that he is bent slightly at the waist.

Place your free hand on his back. Lightly pat his back. Alternatively, rub your hand in slow circles on his back.

Rest the baby in your lap, on his stomach, if the baby doesn't respond to sitting upright. Keep your baby's head higher than his chest. Carefully pat your baby's baby, taking care not to be too forceful.

Repeats Steps 2, 3 and 4 until your baby burps.

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