How to Baby Proof a Fridge Water Dispenser

By Kathryn Hatter
A refrigerator water dispenser may fascinate a curious baby.
A refrigerator water dispenser may fascinate a curious baby.

A baby in the kitchen can be a dangerous situation because of the combination of strong curiosity and lack of understanding of dangers. If you have a refrigerator with a water dispenser, your baby may watch with avid interest as other family members help themselves to cold water. Select from several different ways to baby proof your refrigerator with a water dispenser to keep baby from accessing it.

Press the key or keys on the water dispenser to engage the automated child lock feature, if applicable. This may be a combination of keys that you need to press in a certain order for a specific number of seconds in order to engage the lock feature. Consult the owner’s manual of your refrigerator for specific instructions, if applicable. Once engaged, the child lock feature will not allow you to dispense water until you disengage it.

Place a baby gate in the doorway of the kitchen to keep your baby from accessing this room. Keeping a baby out of the kitchen at all times may be an effective way to keep your child from harm or injury, advises the Bob Vila website.

Disconnect the water supply to the refrigerator by turning it off in your basement. If the water dispenser does not have water running into it, your baby will not be able to dispense water.


Supervise your baby at all times if she is in the kitchen. The variety of hazards present in the kitchen -- both electrically and connected with burns from cooking -- makes a kitchen a hazardous room for children.

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