How to Announce a Second Pregnancy

By Regan Hennessy
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For most women, announcing a first pregnancy is accompanied by a flurry of instant excitement, joy and wonder that envelops everyone from your mother-in-law to your hairdresser to the cashier at the grocery store. Regardless of whether your second child is scheduled to arrive 10 months or 10 years after your first, announcing your second pregnancy is a very different situation that requires planning and creativity.

Decide Your Timeframe

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Once you find out the happy news that baby number two is on the way, take some time to talk with your spouse or partner about who you want to share the news with and when you want to do so. Some parents want to shout the news the instant they find out, while others prefer to wait until the first trimester is over before they share their news. Many couples tell their immediate family first, then share the news of the impending bundle of joy with more distant relatives and acquaintances.

Involve Your First Child

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One of the most obvious differences about announcing a second pregnancy is the presence of your first child, so it makes sense to involve him in your announcement. Dressing your first child in a shirt that says “I’m the big brother” or “I’m the big sister” provides a cute, fun way of letting your loved ones know that you’re expecting again. Making your announcement through a gift or card and letting your first child hand it to your family members also allows your older child to feel involved. Your children will grow up together, so having your first child take a role in the announcement provides an ideal way to begin their impending sibling relationship, especially if you remember to take pictures for their scrapbooks.

Be Creative

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Thinking outside of the box gives you unique ways to announce your second pregnancy. In order to make the event more personal and meaningful for yourself and those to whom you’re telling, consider what is important in your lives. If your mom loves sewing, you could have a quilt panel made that shows an image of your positive pregnancy test on it. suggests having the announcer at a sports game proclaim the news over the loudspeaker, an idea that would be particularly appropriate for grandparents who love sports. Taking the time to incorporate themes and ideas that are important to the people you’re making the announcement to highlights for them how important this second pregnancy is to you.

Handling Reactions

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Although most will offer their good wishes, not everyone will react as positively with your second pregnancy announcement as they did with your first, so it is important that you be prepared to respond gracefully. If someone reacts negatively, your best option is to share something positive, such as how happy you are that your second child is on the way, and then move on to another topic. Although you can’t control how others respond to your pregnancy news, you can control how you respond to their rudeness. Do not allow negative responses to put a damper on your own joy about your pregnancy.

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