How to Adopt a Newborn Baby in Texas

By Audrey Farley
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Adopting an infant in Texas is like adopting in most states. First, you need to find an agency with which to work. Whether you decide on a national or a state agency, you will be required to complete an extensive application and a home study. It is a lengthy and expensive process to adopt. You will probably have to wait at least a year before you are assigned an infant.

Find an adoption agency. There are national adoption agencies, as well as state adoption agencies, from which to choose. Most national adoption agencies have offices in Texas, so you will not need to travel out of state, if you choose to work with a national adoption agency. There are advantages and disadvantages of both national and state agencies. Mainly, if you work with a national adoption agency, you will probably pay more in fees, but you will probably get an infant sooner.

Complete the official application provided by the agency you have chosen. Prepare for an extensive application, which will require that you, and your spouse, also submit copies of your vital records -- to verify citizenship -- as well as copies of tax records, bank records, any degrees or diplomas that you have earned and your state driver's license. You will also need to verify employment. The adoption agency needs to collect as complete a profile of you, and your spouse, as possible.

Complete a home study. During the home study, an adoption agency worker will visit your home to determine if your house is friendly and safe for an infant. In addition to the agency worker, a fire marshall and a social worker will also visit your house and score it according to a rubric designed to access safety and security. You will be responsible for fees related to the fire marshall's and social worker's visits

Create a profile for birth mothers to read. Most adoption agencies ask that you create a two or three page profile of yourselves, in which you provide biographical information, indicate your religious affiliation, list educational and professional achievements and describe your personal interests and hobbies. You are encouraged to include photographs that demonstrate to potential birth mothers that you lead an active, healthy and wholesome life. For instance, if you are a regular skier, you should include a picture of yourself skiing. Most agencies encourage you to submit photos of yourself in action, rather than just posing for the camera.

Submit an ad to the classifieds in major newspapers. In the ad, write that you are a loving couple seeking to adopt. Indicate gender preference, if any. You can also submit an ad to church bulletins.

Spread the word among friends and co-worker -- if you are comfortable doing so -- that you are looking to adopt. If someone in your social or professional network knows of a birth mother that is considering adoption, you may want to be considered. Adoptions through an agency can take a long time. In the meantime, you may find a birth mother and adopt an infant privately.

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