The Best Activity Table for Toddlers

By Eliza Martinez
Keep your busy toddler happy with an activity table.
Keep your busy toddler happy with an activity table.

Most toddlers spend their days running from activity to activity. This is ideal for reaching milestones because a variety of play enhances all aspects of development, including language, cognition, social and physical. An activity table is a fun way to promote your toddler's need to do so many things throughout the day. Understanding the various types of activity tables and their features helps you choose the best one for your toddler.


Toddlers don't come in one size, so choosing an activity table that fits your toddler helps her get the most out of it. Some tables come with chairs, while others are designed for playing with while sitting or standing. In general, the Activity Table Shop suggests a table that is 13 to 17 inches high and chairs that are six to eight inches high. This makes it easy to pull up to the table and play with everything it has to offer.


Activity tables come in a variety of styles, giving you plenty of options for finding the one that works best for your toddler. In general, however, one that is made of sturdy plastic or wood without sharp corners is best. These tables stand up to the wear and tear of daily use and are less likely to hurt your little one if she falls on it. It'll also hold up if she decides to stand on it and push it around the house. Parents Connect suggests an activity table that is brightly colored with thick, sturdy legs.

Activity Types

There are several types of activity tables, which means you can choose one that lets your toddler engage in her favorite things to do. A sand and water activity table is ideal for your backyard and allows your little one to build, pour and scoop to her heart's content. Specialty tables, such as those for building train tracks or playing with interlocking blocks, are perfect for toddlers who love to build. Art activity tables let your little Picasso create masterpieces. Most come with a place to keep her markers, paints and crayons and an easel for creating and displaying her work. Sensory activity tables let you fill the table with different materials, which gives her new things to do all the time because you can switch up what goes in. Try rice, beans, salt dough, packing peanuts, lacing beads or noodles. Just be sure she doesn't put them in her mouth, which could cause choking.


If you're buying a brand new activity table, chances are it's safe. However, if you are getting a second-hand version, the best one won't have any loose parts, sharp edges or small pieces, which allows your toddler to play without getting hurt. With any activity table, check it often to make sure it is in good working order. If it is broken in some way, get rid of it rather than worrying about potential injuries.

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