Activities for a Football Themed Child's Party

By Shelley Frost
Games with a football will fit your theme perfectly.
Games with a football will fit your theme perfectly.

Your little sports fan will get a healthy dose of his favorite activity with a football-themed party. The decorations will set the stage, but the activities will keep the antsy party guests busy. The football-themed party works well with a variety of party activities that keep kids moving. No matter how you feel about football, you can whip up entertaining activities that appeal to a wide range of interests.


Crafts aren't the first thing that come to mind when you think of football players, but these creative, hands-on activities work well with sports-themed parties. An outline of a football jersey is a simple craft to use as a welcome activity. Let the guests decorate the jerseys using crayons and markers while you wait for everyone to arrive. A pennant or foam finger is another craft idea. Cut a triangle pennant shape from craft foam. Let the kids decorate the pennants with paint or additional foam shapes. For a foam finger, cut out a hand with the pointer finger sticking up like the foam fingers you see at sporting events. Glue the edges of two hand cutouts together so the kids can slide their hands inside.

Active Games

The football-themed party lends itself to active games. A pick-up football game is a natural option, but other games with a football will also work. For young kids, use foam footballs that won't hurt on contact. Create a football toss by holding a hula hoop as the target -- have the kids take turns tossing the ball through the hoop. Another option is a football-style obstacle course. Instead of the rope drill players often run, set out small hula hoops flat on the ground for the kids to run. Have the kids weave around cones, run down the "field" and toss a football. Adjust the obstacles according to the space available and according to the ages of the kids.

Quiet Games

When you want the party guests to calm down, quiet games with less activity will do the trick. These games work well for indoor parties, as well. Tabletop football with folded paper footballs is a simple game. Another game option is to hide paper footballs around the party space. Have the kids collect the footballs that they find. Mark a few of the paper football cutouts with a special symbol as an indicator of a prize. For older kids, a football trivia game provides a calm activity. Ask general questions about the sport or about specific teams.

Dress Up

On the invitation, ask party guests to wear a football jersey or a t-shirt with a favorite team's logo. Let the party guests strut their stuff in a football fashion show. A team photo with all of the dressed-up guests will help commemorate the party. Face painting is another simple party activity that gets kids into character. Washable face paint is available at many dollar stores and party supply stores. For a classic football look, paint two black lines below each eye. Another option is to draw footballs, helmets or team logos on the guests' cheeks with face paint.

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