Activities for Children in Bowie, MD

By Susan Revermann
Hit the ice with your preschooler at Bowie's ice arena.
Hit the ice with your preschooler at Bowie's ice arena.

Although Bowie, Maryland may be considered a small city, it is big on family-friendly activities. Whether you are looking for some groovy outdoor entertainment, a nature adventure or an indoor escape for you and your preschooler, you’re sure to find it here.

Summer Concerts

Pack a picnic, grab a blanket and head over to Allen Pond Park or the Town Green in Old Town Bowie ( During the summer months, you’ll be able to catch some live music as you stretch out with your little one in the grass, have lunch and enjoy the sunshine. These summer concerts provide a nice range of family-friendly music, including blue grass, swing and jazz. If your little one tires of the music, head over to the playground that’s specifically geared to entertain the preschool crowd.


Enjoy some outdoor fun at one of Bowie’s local parks. Blacksox Park (no website; 2201 Mitchellville Road, Bowie; (301) 809-3011) has a preschool play structure, restroom facilities for those gotta-go emergencies and trails to hike or bike. Buckingham Park (no website; 2600 Barberry Lane, Bowie; 301-809-3011) also has a preschool playground and family-friendly walking trails. Rent a boat and teach your child how to fish at Allen Pond Park (no website; 3330 Northview Drive, Bowie; (301) 809-3011). Glen Allen Park (no website; 15600 Atlantis Drive, Bowie; (301) 809-3011) has a preschool playground, picnic areas and kid-friendly trails.

Special Events

Bowie plans special events to entertain you and your little one throughout the year. Check the City of Bowie’s current special events calendar ( Your preschooler will enjoy watching the Memorial Day weekend parade. The Independence Day fireworks show is sure to please her little eyes. Don’t forget to take her to the holiday tree lighting ceremony and catch a visit from Santa. Bowie residents also participate in a friendly house-decorating contest in December, so grab the whole family and go for a drive to take in all the decked-out houses.

Indoor Activities

Jump into some indoor fun at Thrill-O-Rama ( This facility offers a whole day of entertainment and stimulation. Let your preschooler loose in the play zone so she can jump and bounce around, dress up, read a book, play some music or build something. Enjoy some “you” time while she gets her wiggles out. If jumping around isn’t her thing, head over to Bowie's ice arena (no website; 3330 Northview Drive, Bowie; (301) 809-3090) and throw on some ice skates. You and your preschooler can join in on the action during open skate or you can enroll her in some kid’s basic skating lessons. Even if you’re a bit rusty on the ice, you kiddo is sure to get a healthy giggle session in as you wobble around. Grab some hot chocolate afterwards and it will be a complete afternoon activity.