How to Take a 7 Week Old Baby Outside for a Walk in the Cold

By J.L Grayson-Avery
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Some cultures advise a mother and her newborn baby to stay in the house for the first month, sometimes longer, says Pediatrician Jennifer Shu for a BabyCenter website article. As long as your baby is healthy, there is no reason to not take her out for a walk. Walking has benefits for both of you. You get exercise while showing off your new addition. She will enjoy the new scenery, and the added stimulation will help her sleep.

Step 1

Make sure your baby has had any relevant immunizations. A newborn will usually have a checkup with the doctor around 2 weeks of age, and she should have routine immunizations by 2 months old, says a 2009 WebMD website article.

Step 2

Plan the best time to take your baby out for the walk. A baby will be most content after eating and a diaper change. If your baby is relatively happy and content, she will take in what is going on around her and enjoy the walk, says Jennifer Shu for the BabyCenter website article.

Step 3

Pack a diaper bag full of essentials. Even if you are only planning to be out a little while, it is always best to go prepared for every eventuality. Diapers, wipes, feeding items and a fresh set of clothes should all go in the bag.

Step 4

Check the outside temperature. While a walk in the fresh air will do both you and your baby good, you are better off staying inside if the weather is too cold. Depending on the climate where you live, 20 degrees Fahrenheit is probably too cold for a young baby, says Jennifer Shu for the BabyCenter.

Step 5

Dress your baby in layers. Air circulating between the different layers acts as insulation for baby, says an OneStepAhead website article. Ideally you will need to put her in as many layers as you are wearing with a blanket over her for added warmth. Do not be tempted to wrap her up too much; a young baby can still over-heat even when it is cold outside. Finish dressing her with a hat, mittens and a pair of thick socks.

Step 6

Try to avoid going to crowded places while out on your walk. Your baby is more likely to get sick following exposure to other people than she is from being out in the cold, says a 2009 Kids Health website article. If you plan to visit other people, politely ask them to wash their hands before they hold your baby. This will protect your baby's still immature immune system.

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