1st Birthday Cakes Ideas

By Stephanie Kelley
A first birthday cake can be simply decorated or be a baker's masterpiece.

A first birthday cake is one that the birthday boy may not remember when he grows up, but it will live on forever in photographs. Create a special, attractive and delicious cake that will be enjoyed by the guests of a the birthday party and one the birthday boy can remember through photos.

The No 1 Cake

Create a No. 1 cake by using a cake mould or ask a bakery to create one for you. Decorate the number cake with icing that matches the party theme. Use a number "1" candle on the cake as well to reinforce the theme.

Baby Theme

Take advantage of the last opportunity to use baby-related items in a theme. A 1st birthday is a good chance to use images such as colourful blocks, teddy bears and other baby-related toys and images. Bake a sheet cake and use real toys as decoration or order a cake from a bakery and use these ideas as a theme for a shaped cake. Be sure to display the cake on a table where other baby-type toys are also present and add to the birthday decor.

Now-and-Then Cake

Celebrate all the steps and development the child has made in the first year of life by creating a cake that reflects this growth. A sheet cake can be transformed by adding two pictures on top of the cake. Line the photo with icing to look like frames or have a bakery "print" the photos onto the cake top. Add a newborn picture to one frame and a current photo of the baby into the other frame. Decorate the borders of the cake with icing in the birthday colours.

Family Tradition Cake

Celebrate a baby's first birthday by infusing some family tradition into the cake selection. Make a cake that resembles the first birthday cake of the child's mom or dad. Perhaps the mom had a particular theme for her first birthday party, which can be re-created for her baby. Display a picture of the mother along with her first birthday cake. Or maybe the dad's mother made a particular flavour of cake to celebrate his first birthday and can carry on that tradition for her grandchild. Include a framed picture of the dad next to his first cake to help guests understand the importance of the cake.

About the Author

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