18th Birthday Present Ideas for Girls

By Kristin Swain
gift image by Albert Lozano from Fotolia.com

A girl's 18th birthday is a very special day that requires a special birthday present. Finding the perfect 18th birthday present for a girl can be easy as long as you know what to look for.

Event Tickets as a Birthday Gift

Purchasing event tickets as an 18th birthday present for a girl can be a way of treating her to a once-in-a-lifetime event for her special day. Look to see whether her favorite band is playing or if her favorite play is being performed nearby and purchase a pair of tickets for her. If you don't know what her favorites are, that's OK. You can also search an online ticketing site by genre of music or type of theatrical event to find something that you think will appeal to your birthday girl.

Jewelry for the Birthday Girl

Jewelry is always considered a special gift. You might want to consider not only something you think she might like for her 18th birthday but also a special piece designed just for her. Very often the cost of having jewelry designed and made is close to the amount you would pay for a premade piece. Having a piece of customized jewelry made for a girl's 18th birthday makes the present all the more memorable.

Personalized Gift Ideas

Personalizing a gift no longer means just having your birthday girl's initials put on it. Personalizing items has grown to include things such as adding an emblem or symbol that is special to your birthday girl. For instance, you can purchase an article of clothing from her favorite store and then have a butterfly embroidered on it. Another idea is to create a work of art out of something that is important to her. As an example, if your birthday girl is a ballet dancer and has taken dance classes most of her life you probably have pictures from those years. Have copies of the pictures made and create a collage or scrapbook for her.